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What I learned today

Reading Art blogs is one of the things I do each and every week. Today's struck a cord in me. "The Painter's Keys" blog highlighted an artist, Ed Hughes who left pretty much everything but the art-making to his dealer. It struck me when I read:...

New things to come

Show at SYNC Gallery Hope this newsletter finds you well. My show at SYNC Gallery was dismantled last Saturday afternoon to make room for other artists' work. It's always a mix of feelings when my show comes down but I was so incredibly happy with the...

How I got stuck… and unstuck

Trying something Different... using black lines to make trees. Don't miss the "Name That Painting Party" in February - See details below! How did YOU feel during the election? Wow I really felt the stress of everyone around me and I am glad it is over....


I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know the news I referred to in my last note. I am super excited to announce that I am now in a new Gallery - SYNC. SYNC Gallery is in the Santa Fe Art District in Denver. It is a great fit for my artwork,...

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