Pictured above: Water’s Edge, Acrylic and Watercolor Crayon on Canvas, Three 20 x 48 in. panels

I hope October treated you well. To me, there’s nothing like the magic of the first couple of snow falls.

About six months ago, I made a goal – to create 24 masterpiece paintings by the end of September and I am thrilled to say I reached my goal so I will have lots of work to choose from for my next exhibit…
I hope you will mark your calendars for the exhibition of
my newest work.

February will be here in no time!

February 15 – Opening Night 6-9 pm Drinks and Snacks
March 1 – First Friday Art Walk 6-9 pm
Other Fridays, and Thursdays and Saturdays, the Gallery is open 1-4 pm.
SYNC Gallery, 931 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204

Exploration and Discovery
Since my last newsletter, I traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico, for an Artist Retreat. We did not make art, but rather, we learned about why we make art. How do we create meaning through our art and how does our art create meaning? Art Coaching For You’s Kathy Beekman, professional artist and business person extraordinaire, and Cyncie Winter, creativity coach, therapist, were a dynamic duo and created an amazing space for us to share our big stuff. Here are some things I discovered:

  • Among other things, I paint are for pure freedom and joy.
    (I like how simple that is)
  • I don’t need to know what I’m doing. I’m just listening. (like most of us, I tend to want to “know” and have control but when I just listen, without needing to control, the best things happen)
  • My passion for my particular kind of artwork started when I was just a little girl playing in my back yard.

It was also nice to take a break from social media for four days. I highly recommend it.

While in Santa Fe, I strolled along Canyon Road and stopped in to explore many of the gorgeous galleries, talking with gallery managers and owners. I know quite a few Colorado artists who have work in the galleries and it was great to see their work so beautifully displayed.

My artist friend, fellow traveler, and Santa Fe roommate and I drove back on a freezing, snowy, slippery Sunday night and witnessed way too many cars flipped or off the road so we were extra thankful to get home safely. It was an abrupt welcome to winter.

Once back home, I got back to work to finish the three large commissions I had for Lewis Art Consulting in Denver. These were a wonderful challenge for me. I absolutely love working with their amazing team and am looking forward to seeing all of the artists’ work installed in the Spectrum building south of Denver.

I have been exploring a new painting endeavor — creating a painting for a person’s personal life journey, with messages to help remind them of their path to growth and integration. It is exciting to meld my passion for personal growth and learning with my love of creating art, and there’s been a lot of interest in these personal paintings, even though they are still in the experimentation stage.

Hope you enjoy the shift into this new, cooler season, and I wish you good health and good spirits until next time!

Liz Lautrup Fine Art