Laughter in the Rain at the Ragonese Home

Hi there! Hope summer is treating you well. Here’s what’s happenin’ in the studio.

Two of my large paintings got shipped out to a collector in Connecticut last week, which is very exciting. I could barely carry the package to UPS! They were a popular pair.  Two of my family members (also a popular pair-Drew and Sammy) also got shipped out. They have been traveling in London and Greece. Most people think I’m crazy not to go with them, but I was so fortunate that I got to travel tons during my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s (26 countries) and enjoyed every minute of it. Now… to have a week of some silence to really dig in to creating is my version of heaven.

My work is on the walls at Campbell Law firm, in the Equity building in Downtown Denver, until November. There is no public access, but the firm usually holds a reception for the artists and if that happens, you’ll be invited. I also still have my work up at Nikki Ragonese’s home on Eldridge Street in our neighborhood and if you would like a tour of that artwork, please email me.

I’ve been continuing to work with lots of blues, and my last two paintings were “painted” almost entirely with old credit cards, one of my favorite tools. It’s wonderful to smear the card across the canvas to reveal textures underneath.

I made a goal to have 24 large masterpieces completed by September and I am getting close to that goal. I have a solid 21 masterpieces so far. You will get to see them in my next show (date to be announced)!

As always, I am so grateful to have you in my life, whether that is in a big or small way. This life is a wonderful journey and it is so good to have peeps to share it with.

“Do not feel lonely,

The entire Universe is inside of you.”

-Another quote I love by Rumi

Best to you!

Liz Lautrup

Liz Lautrup Fine Art