Reading Art blogs is one of the things I do each and every week. Today’s struck a cord in me.

“The Painter’s Keys” blog highlighted an artist, Ed Hughes who left pretty much everything but the art-making to his dealer. It struck me when I read:

Unfortunately, when I start to talk or when someone watches over my shoulders, my pencil either stops or I draw meaningless lines. (E.J. Hughes)

I wonder how much I am like that? Taking art classes while surrounded by many other artists? It just doesn’t seem to bring the best creations out of me, though I often learn great techniques that I use alone in my studio. Thinking about doing a demo in a big crowd? Doesn’t sound appealing. The truth is, I am a bit like EJ Hughes; I make my best creations when I am alone.

It was comforting to have an artist come right out and say what I was somewhat embarrassed to admit. I need my space in order to create beautiful things. And his words made me realize that it’s ok.

Expressing a truth can have a powerful positive effect on people. Thank you, EJ Hughes.

I have updated my website I placed my works into categories, updated my About Page, and uploaded some new work – like those you see above. Let me know how you like it.

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